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Following (very kind) words are about my playing given to me by people in the field whom I respect very much. I look forward to working with you.

* * *

Park's re-imagination of this ubiquitous work is compelling and worth exploring.
-Madelyn Moore (International Clarinet Association) on the album "Bach Bass Clarinet Suite no.1."

You have a very beautiful sound.
-Lori Freedman, Montréal clarinetist

Courageous! I admire your spirit of adventure.
-Tom Allen, CBC Radio 2's Shift host

You two played so beautifully, sensitively and artfully. I knew that both of you were great players, but I was honestly floored by the level of nuance, sensitivity, and precision you brought to my pieces. I really could not have hoped for a more polished result, and I'm incredibly humbled and grateful for your performance this evening. Your phrasing and interpretation, as well as your analytical and intuitive understanding of the music was remarkable. Bravi to both of you! Thank you both so very much, from the bottom of my heart.

-Chirstopher Emery, composer

* * *
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